The Dentist and the Directory

Part of any good dental marketing campaign is SEO. In it’s broadest sense it’s making sure your site is on page one of Google. Easier said than done.

Oftentimes the last thing a dentist will think about is his or her website. However, a web presence is the single most cost-effective marketing weapon in your arsenal. It’s not enough, though, to merely build your website a la Field Of Dreams and believe that “they will come.” They won’t.

With the overwhelming number of searches for a service being done online, where you rank on the search engine results pages (SEPRs) can mean the difference between a steady flow of new patients and a chorus of chirping crickets.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the method by which your website is built or altered to feed Google (and others) the information it (they) require. Part of this included the keywords on your pages—those terms that people are searching for. Another part is the configuration of the site itself with keyword-specific URLs (the address of a web page, e.g.,

A complete SEO package for a dentist will address not only these but additional sites that link to yours. The higher the authority of those sites, the more power or relevance is passed to your site. Setting up social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn business pages is a good example. These are enormously high authority sites and those dentists who neglect social media do it at their peril.

Along those same lines are directories or other listing sites. Some like Yahoo’s local directory cater to every type of business under the sun and the authority of a link from such a directory is well worth the effort it takes to submit a listing. There are, however, specialized directories for the dentist that add an extra layer of relevance—and relevance is the key to high rankings in the SERPs. Sites that cater to the dental niche will contain dental-specific content, making them the ideal places to place a listing for your practice’s website. You can find an example here: A search (online, of course) will yield a number of other results for you to investigate.

searching online for dentists directory listing

A complete ranking plan will take all of these things into account, but for the do-it-yourself dentist who dabbles in search marketing, a combination of these may yield some surprising results.

You’ll also want to make sure you’ve set up Google Analytics, a free and powerful tool from Google that will allow you to see how many visitors your site gets, where they come from, what they searched for to find you and more—too much more to list here.

A dentist’s site is really no different from any other business and it needs the same elements addressed to make it visible online. But by listing your site with those specifically geared toward the practice of dentistry or specialties like othodontics or endodontics you get an immediate boost in relevance.

Amazing Dental Advances – Digital X-Rays

x-ray image of teethRemember the old days? Actually the not-too-long-ago days when your dental x-rays were done on film and had to be developed? Welcome to the 21st century. The advances in technology are staggering and dental x-rays is just one example.

Digital X-rays are a quantum leap ahead of the old methods. They are lightning fast and produce lower radiation levels than old X-rays. The results of these digital x-rays are almost immediate and will show up on your dentist’s computer screen in a few seconds. Like graphics programs used by designers, the dentist can enlarge the images for a minute view. This makes the job easier and the patient can view them along with the dentist to see exactly what problems may need to be addressed. Using only 10% of the radiation of older x-rays there’s less risk to the patient as well.

One such device is manufactured by DEXIS.

The DEXIS website reiterates what we’ve said above. That the accuracy and detail of digital imaging makes diagnosis easier as well as communication with patients. Digital x-rays use advanced tools (the x-ray machine itself) as well as sophisticated software to aid in viewing. The clarity of these images can be astounding and leads to better treatment and earlier identification of problems.

If you’re shopping for a dentist, it pays to ask if they use digital x-ray technology. In the long run, no matter how good your dentist is, it provides a leg up on good oral care.

How To Talk To A Dentist And What To Ask

How To Talk To A Dentist And What To Ask

Going to the dentist is something that even grownups dread, but you really should not. Besides, how do you expect your children ever to listen to your and silently comply to going to the dentist’s if you, yourself are avoiding it? It is also necessary, to learn how to communicate with your dentist, because many people do not know what to ask and how to ask their dentist important questions regarding their dental health.

Talking To Your Dentist

In the event that you might want to take in a portion of the primary things you ought to think about your dental wellbeing and cleanliness and things you ought to ask your dental practitioner, ensure you read these taking after ten inquiries and maybe even utilize some of them whenever you happen to converse with your dental specialist.

How Much Will My Procedure Cost?

You must have the capacity to converse with your dental specialist about the expenses of the system ahead of time. In the event that for any reason you can’t bear the cost of the method right now, ensure you educate your dental practitioner of that. Notwithstanding that, on the off chance that you have a protection that will cover your dental strategies, you ought to figure out how to learn whether the dental methodology you need is secured by your protection, and talk about it with your medicinal services supplier.

What Can I Eat/Drink After The Procedure?

Some dental systems require that you shun yourself eating and drinking for two or three hours taking after your method, for different reasons. Along these lines, ensure you examine it with your dental specialist, before you make some harm to your late dental work.

What Can I Do To Have Better Smile?

Your dental practitioner may encourage you to accomplish something or shun some propensities keeping in mind the end goal to have a superior, brighter and more beneficial grin. Ensure you approach your dental specialist for their master sentiment.

Should I Get Braces?

In the event that you think that you are a feasible contender for supports, maybe you ought to examine it with your dental specialist, and get their master conclusion.

Am I A Likely Candidate For Veneers?

Likewise, you may wish for finishes, yet at the same time you ought to talk about it with your dental specialist, as opposed to simply plan the arrangement.

What Is This?

In the event that you discover a speck in your pit, consider it important and ask your dental practitioner regardless of whether you ought to be concerned. Oral tumor is a genuine sickness, which as a rule goes undetected for a long while, until it is past the point of no return.

Which Toothpaste Should I Use?

Your dental practitioner will be the perfect individual to prescribe you the toothpaste that you ought to use keeping in mind the end goal to save your teeth and your oral wellbeing.

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