4 Incredibly Romantic Cities To Visit In Italy

Italy is a destination famous for oozing passion. It is one of those romantic destinations that leave couples feeling as though they have been spellbound by cupid’s arrow. Once you spend a couple of days or even weeks in Italy, you will not want to return home. Your desire as a couple will be to stretch out your romantic stay in country for as long as possible.

We have taken the time to compile our list of the 4 Italian cities we believe are incredible romantic destinations and definitely must be in your list of things to do in Italy. As a couple, travelling to any of these cities is definitely a sure bet as you celebrate or spark your romance.

The City of Venice

Venice is undoubtedly one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Walking along the picturesque streets with historic buildings, gives couples the feeling of being in a dream world, the perfect fantasy.

Venice is also home to beautiful hotels which can be seen soaring from the water, as you take a romantic boat ride with a gondolier serenading you with beautiful tunes. This city offers the best scenery for candle-lit dinners as you take a boat ride in the evening along the quiet canal watching as the sun goes down over the horizon. This is your opportunity for a true romantic fairytale.

The City of Rome

The City of Rome gives you an opportunity to combine romance, history, art and religion as well as immeasurable beauty. This is a city of plenty of culture and romance that will inspire you as a couple to fall in love over and over. It is definitely the destination to rediscover your spark.

The City of Verona

Thanks to the tale of Romeo and Juliet written by Shakespeare, the City of Verona has earned its rightful place as the portrait of Italian romance. This makes Verona undoubtedly one of the top romantic destinations in the world.

As a couple, you will get a perfect opportunity to have the perfect fantasy of the historic love experienced by Romeo and Juliet by visiting Juliet’s house which has been well maintained complete with her famous balcony as well as statue alongside thousands of love notes. The romantic part of this visit is that you will have the opportunity of writing your own love letters.

The City of Florence has earned the tag “cradle of Renaissance” as it was an Italian center of art and beauty. These are some of the reasons this city makes it to the list of incredibly romantic Italian cities that you should visit with a luxury car rental because as you know, art and beauty are known to spark romance.

Some of the best renowned spots in Florence are the statue of David sculpted by Michelangelo’s and the scenic Ponte Vecchio Bridge. Florence is the place to go when you want to rekindle your romance.

When looking for things to do in Italy be sure to check out these four cities. As a couple, you are guaranteed a worthwhile romantic experience.