6 Best Attractions To Visit When In Italy

Italy is one of the world’s renowned romantic tourist destinations. The Italian architecture, cuisines, culture and people are what make it a destination of choice. You may opt for a travel guide but we guarantee you that it is likely to leave you confused as you will be spoilt for choice with the number of things to do in Italy.

This is why we have taken the initiative to narrow down the list for you with our 6 best picks of things to do in Italy. Here we go!

Try skiing down a volcano

If you are a skiing fanatic and you feel you have done it all, be informed that you have done nothing yet until you ski down and active volcano. Yes, you read it right. An active volcano. Mount Etna located in Sicily, Italy has great snow cover thanks to its high altitude. It offers one of the best skiing experiences with a great adrenaline rush.

You could swim beneath a castle

When in Italy, you can enhance your swimming experience by visiting Castiglione del Lago which is on Lake Trasimeno. You will get an opportunity for an awesome and memorable swimming experience by taking a swim beneath these amazing castle.

Swimming has never been this exciting! You will also get an opportunity for other fun activities along the lake like kayaking and paddle boating.

Get to experience live cannon fire

One of the most interesting things about Italy is the respect for history. One of the best places to experience this is the Gianicolo Hill where the cannon is fired each day precisely at midday. This practice has been maintained consistently from the day the historic battle of Rome was won on this hill.

A visit to Palazzo Valentini

Lovers of archeology will definitely appreciate a visit to Palazzo Valentini. It will give you an opportunity to experience archeological remains of ancient Rome which have literally been brought to life by the use of lasers and sound effects. This is an awesome sight and makes for a very empowering educational tour.

Visit the first Christian Basilica built in the world

A tour of Italy is not complete without a visit to the church at San Giovanni di Laterano. This church is particularly interesting because it is believed to be the first Christian Basilica ever built, and was at some point the original home of the Pope’s seat.

Check out the Trevi Fountain at midnight

If you are looking for magical, you will definitely find it at the Trevi Fountain at midnight. The idea is to visit this fountain when it is free of the hustle and bustle of other curious tourists. At this time of night, you will experience an unobstructed view of this iconic fountain, and it is indeed a marvel.

Whether on tour or on business, make it a point to include these places on your to do list. You have not experienced history until you experience it the Italian way. We guarantee you it will be an awesome and memorable experience.