About Us

Welcome to Chaudes Aigues. We are your local health gurus, and our goal is to help you stay healthy.

Unlike other health gurus, we are not asking for your money. In fact, the advise we give you here on this page is completely free.

This page is owned and operated by Joel Chaudes and Pierre Aigues. They both have worked in the healthcare industry for over twenty years combined. Joel was a pharmacist with a chain pharmaceutical company. Pierre started off as a nurse at our local hospital, then began volunteering his time on mission trips around the world alongside his hospital duties.

Joel and Pierre have spent their working days taking care of people who, for the most part, could have avoided going to the hospital by simply learning how to care for basic ailments at home. It is astounding how many people go to the emergency room for basic problems that could be treated at home. That is why this page was created.

At Chaudes Aigues, you will find simple solutions to help you with your simple health needs. New articles will be posted regularly for your enjoyment. We hope you will check back in continually for advise to help you take care of yourself and loved ones at home.